Sanctuary from a Storm (Tweedle drabble) 

Blaine woke up in the middle of the night, sandwiched between two bodies. A flash of lightening pierced the sky at the same time a peal of thunder shook Windsor. The quick flash of light brightened the room enough for Blaine to make out the blonde hair on either side of him. Letting out an exasperated sigh, he sat up.

“Blainey, noooo.” One of the twins whined up at him.

“Please stay.” They both gave him identical pouts as another streak of lightening broke the sky.

“Guys, you have to go back to your own beds. I can’t sleep knowing you’re in the same vicinity as me.” He squinted his eyes at them. The twins were fairly harmless when everyone in Windsor was up and about, but being alone with them in the middle of the night made him nervous. A huge crack of thunder made all three of them jump. Evan and Ethan let out twin squeals of terror and leaped at Blaine, tackling him back down to the bed.

“We can’t go, Blainers!”

“The storm is scary.”

“What if Windsor got struck by lightening?”

“We would all die!”

“We don’t want to die alone, Blainey-boo!”

Blaine sighed again. He knew that if the twins wanted to stay, there would be no stopping them.

“Fine,” he muttered, receiving a delighted response from the twins. “But the moment the storm ends, you’re out of my bed, out of my room, and back to where you belong, understand?”

Both blonde heads bobbed up and down.

“Thank you, Blaine.”

“We knew you would understand.” Their voices began to lose their alertness as they drifted back to sleep.

“Night night.”

“And don’t be scared.”

“It’s only a storm…”

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