I’m not normal. 

I’m a fuck up. I think in a step by step process when I figure out how to kill the people who make me mad. I plan out in detail how to hide what I do to myself. I don’t give a fuck what people think, they’re just inconveniences. Talking to people makes me realize how much I enjoy being alone. It also reminds me why I think about killing people a lot. I do things like study forensics so I know how to take counter-forensic measures. Pain has kind of always been a non-issue with me. If someone else hurts, it takes a lot of effort for me to help them. I constantly prefer the company of animals, myself, and music than actual people. And I have no friends. Some acquaintances may contest that statement.

I’m a fuck up. And I’m going to prove it again tonight.

And who gives a fuck? Haha.

Bye, guys.

» posted 2 years ago